Your Guide to Hiking Colorado!

Hello readers!

As the weather is warming up and some restrictions are being lifted, it is natural to want to get outside in this beautiful state that we live in. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just enjoy going on a nice walk every once in a while, these books will be the perfect summer companion. So, put on your face mask, stay 6 feet apart, and go enjoy all that this state has to offer!

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Camping Colorado by Melinda Crow

This book contains campgrounds all around the state. It breaks down if the sites are for tents or RVs, whether there is water and toilets, and whether it is an accessible campsite. It also includes elevation, whether sites are free or not, and directions on how to access from the closest major town.


Hiking Colorado by Maryann Gaug

Covering hikes across the state, this book is a perfect guide for summer adventures. It lists the length, difficulty, and directions for each trail. There are a few basic maps throughout the book that will help with general navigation. It also includes the history of some trails and regions.


Mountain Biking Colorado’s Front Range by Stephen Hlawaty

This book offers a variety of mountain biking trails, from beginner to extremely advanced. Like the hiking book, it includes some general maps and information about each trail. Distance, elevation, and terrain are included, as well as days that bikers are not permitted on trails.


Rock Climbing Colorado by Stewart M. Green

Rock climbing has quickly become the cool, new sport in the past few years. This guide contains detailed pictures of various walls, canyons, towers, and boulders across the state. Route lines are highlighted so that one can easily find them while scouting. Each includes navigation directions as well as route difficulty. Find your next project in this useful guide!


Best Easy Day Hikes RMNP by Kent Dannen

Over 30 hikes are included in this small guide book. Each has a small map and basic information regarding the trail. It can easily be stored in your daypack without adding much extra weight.


Best Easy Day Hikes Fort Collins by Mary Reed

Similar to the RMNP book, but for Fort Collins specifically. If you are looking to explore what your own backyard has to offer, then this is the book for you.

As always, please stay safe while exploring the outdoors. We ask that you follow all CDC and Colorado recommended social distancing guidelines when going on any outdoor adventure.


Happy reading–and adventuring!

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