Summer Solstice Recommendations!

Hello readers!

Today is the longest day of the year! (Which, we admit, feels a little meaningless this year, since every day has seemed to take forever and the last three months have subjectively felt like three years.) But if you’re looking for good books to while away these light hours while they last, books to stay out on the porch reading until the lightning bugs come out and you look up to see that it’s gotten dark around you, here are some we recommend.

Give Me Back My Bones! by Kim Norman, illustrated by Bob Kolar 


While this one is good year-round, it has an especially summery feel to it–pirates and the sea always feel a little summery to me! This rhyming, bouncy, hilarious book with illustrations that will have your kids poring over each page to find all the tiny details will keep them up past their bed times, dreaming about pirates and filling their imaginations with secret treasure!



Possum and the Summer Storm, by Anne Hunter


Ever since I was very little I have enjoyed watching thunderstorms! The illustrations and color choices bring just such a storm right into your reader’s lap! Note the perfect shade of thunderstorm-blue chosen for the endpapers – scrumptious! You’ll want to get out as soon as the rain clears to assess for damages and explore other creature’s habitats yourself.



The Ranger’s Apprentice Series, by John Flanagan


I know I’m biased as these are some of my favorite adventure books ever, and I always reread them in summer, so even if they’re not particularly summery, they feel that way to me. But this epic series spanning about 16 books will definitely keep kids (and adults) occupied for these long summer days! I’ve been reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series since I was 12, and it’s a testament to Flanagan’s unwavering style and delightful characters that I’m STILL reading these books now. Full of outdoor adventure, swords and arrows, and many a camping trip gone awry, these books will spark a love of the wilds in any reader.


Prince Charming, by Rachel Hawkins


Daisy is a free spirit, someone who doesn’t care what others think about her because she is confident enough in herself (my favorite kind of person 😉 Sadly, this isn’t going to be the case for Daisy, not when her older sister is engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland…especially when Ellie co-opts her summer vacation and invites her overseas to spend time before the wedding. Upon arrival Daisy is thrust into the unwanted spotlight and pretty soon her antics and shenanigans are in being aired in the papers and gossip rags and Daisy may just find more than she bargained for. Hawkins has written a cute story that made me laugh out loud in several parts!



Storm of Locusts, by Rebecca Roanhorse


That dusty, summer road trip vibe you’re missing this year? Here it is, but this time, with magic and a creepy cult, some gods interfering with your life whenever they feel like it, and monsters to hunt. If Trail of Lightning was raw and dusty and haunting, Storm of Locusts is pounding and jagged and longing. This book is a thousand, thousand beating, hungry wings and it’s terrifying but stunning at the same time.



The Water Knife, by Paolo Bacigalupi


I could taste the dust and picture the settings. I was genuinely invested in the fates of the characters. The action was well paced and fun. And I was onboard all the way up to the end, not really knowing where it would end up until the final pages. It’s not a perfect book, but it is a great one. If you’re in the mood for a dark future thrill ride mixed with plenty of ecological underpinning and a heap of violence that gives off the vibe of a summer blockbuster movie, then don’t miss this one. Water rights have never been so edgy.



Beach Read, by Emily Henry


Augustus Everett and January Andrews are two very different people in all aspects of their lives but primarily when it comes to the books they write. January is known for writing romance, happily ever afters and everything in between whereas Augustus is an award winning author of literary fiction. When they learn that they are going to be neighbors for the summer they are determined to not let the other one bother them; but when they both learn they are struggling with writer’s block they decide to shake things up. They task each other with writing what they normally write, January must write literary fiction and Gus will write romance. Of course as the summer progresses they begin to see each other in a different light and soon feelings are involved…heavy feelings, love feelings 🙂



Rise of Wolf 8, by Rick McIntyre


Since traveling to Yellowstone is questionable this year, go there virtually! No one knows the wolves of Yellowstone better than Rick McIntyre, and this book certainly shows it. The first in a trilogy about the great wolves of Yellowstone, The Rise of Wolf 8 tells the amazing and inspiring story of wolf 8 and his family. McIntyre’s writing it simple and precise with minimal frills, but each word has power and pulls emotion from the reader almost without them realizing. I can’t wait for more.


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