How It Works: Deliveries!

Hello readers!

If you’re curious about our delivery option–not the shipping, come-through-the-mail option, the local delivery option!–this is the post for you! I’m here to answer common questions and let you know what to expect if you have, or are interested in, ordering books for home delivery.

I’m not sure if I’m in your delivery area. What are the boundaries?
Our delivery boundaries are Trilby Road on the south side of town, I-25 to the east, Overland Trail/Red Fox Road to the west, and on the north side of town Richard’s Lake road east of College Avenue and Willox west of College Avenue. There are exceptions made for Ponds, Westgate, & Burns Ranch developments on the west side of town. Unfortunately we do not deliver to any building on CSU campus proper, including residence halls. Still not sure if you are in bounds? Check out the map:

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 12.54.01 AM.png
When will my books arrive?
Deliveries go out on Wednesdays and will arrive at your door between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm. If you place your order later in the day it might not go out until the next delivery day, but we try our best to stay as current as possible.

How will I know when my books arrive?
I will not ring your doorbell, but I will knock to let you know your goodies have arrived. If you don’t want me to knock let us know in the order notes or place a note on the door.

Where will my delivery be left?
In most cases your book/s will be left on your doorstep in a brown paper bag. If you have a front door with a knob, or a mailbox next to the door with hooks, your delivery will be hung for you so you don’t need to stoop. If you would like your delivery left at an alternate place, such as a milk box, simply leave a note when ordering or on you door.

Do I need to be home or do anything when my delivery arrives?
Nope!* You might see me walking away or sitting in my truck, but the process is zero contact for your safety and mine. Feel free to wave. If I see you I will absolutely wave back. It’s good to see so many of you from afar!

Okay wait, there was an asterisk on that last answer…
*If you live in a secure building with interior access to individual apartment units you will be asked to meet me at the exterior door of the building. I will text you (or call) when I arrive. If you are not home, cannot accept delivery at that time, or cannot be reached your delivery will be left inside the exterior door at a common area if your building has one or will be returned to the store to try again the next delivery day.

Are deliveries ever cancelled due to weather?
If it is actively snowing or road conditions are poor your delivery may be delayed by a day, or pushed to the next delivery date. Deliveries are still made on rainy days. Since books and paper bags aren’t rain/snow friendly I will always do my best to make sure they are wrapped in a plastic bag and/or as out of the weather as possible. That said, Colorado weather can change in a snap and I can’t anticipate what the weather might look like after I leave. If it looks like it might storm check your doorstep if you’re anticipating a delivery.

What does the delivery fee cover?
The delivery fee goes directly to the store to cover the costs of delivery wages and milage. The amount of the fee was calculated after a month of compiling data and the fee is as low as possible while insuring we can keep the delivery program up and running. It’s important to us to keep this service available and as affordable as possible for all our customers.

It feels awkward to ask, but what about tipping?
Tips are always very much appreciated and enormously helpful! Every penny goes toward covering my personal costs, like car maintenance and data usage, since I’ve transitioned from bookseller to driver. You can leave cash on your door or doorstep, or if you prefer technology you can tip me directly on Venmo @ElliotVanZ. I give you a heartfelt and enthusiastic Thank You in advance for your generosity!

You keep saying “I” rather than a more general “we.” Who are you?
Hi there! I’m Elliot and I am your delivery driver! I am the senior-most bookseller at the Firehouse with over a decade of experience. If you have ever been in the store on a weekend afternoon or evening we’ve probably met. I used to be a delivery driver in a former life, so it made sense for me to take up the mantle of driver once more. I miss seeing all of you in the store, but I am so glad I can do my part to keep us all reading and safe during these strange times. I strongly believe book people are the best people and I’m happy I can still be a part of this community even if it is from afar.


Happy reading!


  1. […] Curbside pick up and delivery ARE available. Though we will no longer be allowing customers to enter the store, you CAN still drop by to pick up your books at the curb. Curbside pickup is still  available from 10am to 2pm. Order and pay for books over the phone or online, let us know when you’re outside, and we’ll bring books to you with no contact. We do ask that if you choose to avail yourself of curbside pickup, please wear a mask. This is for your safety as well as ours. Deliveries will continue to happen between 5pm and 9pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you have delivery questions, please read our driver’s FAQ post here. […]

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