Spooky Season Reads from Tara!

Hello readers!

Although I love the summer months, I am very excited for October! I cannot wait to read all of the eerie, creepy, horror and thriller books this month. If you are not quite ready for Halloween and all fall things, here are three books that will get you into the spooky spirit!

Clown in a Cornfield, by Adam Cesare

This book is wild. When Quinn moves to Kettle Springs, a small town that is made up mostly of cornfields and has a deeply unsettling mascot–a clown. Wanting to fit in, Quinn begins to hang out with the popular group of students who are known for pulling pranks on unsuspecting townsfolk. Everything seems light hearted until at a party one evening, the town mascot turns dark and homicidal.

If you are looking for a slasher film in book form for Halloween, look no further!


Goodnight Beautiful, by Aimee Molloy

All seems well with newlyweds Sam and Annie when they move to a small town in upstate New York. Sam, a therapist, opens his own private practice for therapy, however he is unaware that everything that he and his patients share can be heard through a vent upstairs. All seems well with the couple until one night after work, Sam does not come home. Overall a fun and fast paced thriller that pays homage to a certain Stephen King novel. For fans of The Silent Patient by Alex North, order Goodnight Beautiful today!


The Turn of the Key, by Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is a bit of a hit or miss author for me. The Turn of the Key is my favorite book of hers by far. Rowan Caine answers an ad for a live in nanny at a remote house in the Scottish Highlands. It all seems too good to be true, especially when Rowan lands the job. But, when she arrives, Rowan learns that the house seems to hold many secrets of its own. And, when one of the children dies while under her watch, Rowan is the first suspect in the case. The book is written as letters from Rowan to a lawyer whom she desperately wants to represent her in court. Throughout these letters, Rowan is insistent that she is not the one who killed the child. For fans of Home Before Dark by Riley Sager, The Turn of the Key is a perfect haunted house mystery!


You can purchase any or all of these spooky reads by clicking on their titles above. Don’t forget, we’re happy to deliver them right to your door! Deliveries happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and there’s no waiting for the mail!

Happy reading!

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