Holiday Staff Picks: Teresa

Hello readers!

We’re diving into the holiday spirit and hoping you get your orders in early! The earlier, the better, what with 2020, slower-than-usual printing presses, and the mail under siege. To help you get your lists in order, we’re offering up holiday staff picks! Each of us will have a few books we think should be on your holiday lists this year for everyone from grandkids to grandmas. Here are Teresa’s top three picks–plus a bonus one!

Shit Actually, by Lindy West
for the movie-lover on your list


Prepare to laugh out loud as you re-live all the nostalgic movies you grew up watching & loving as West comments on everything from characters to setting to plot holes. Each movie must compete with her favorite movie of all time, THE FUGITIVE, which ironically I have never seen. Each essay had me cackling out loud and interrupting my husband with snippets I just had to read out loud.


Unicorns Are the Worst! by Alex Willan
for kiddos who love unicorns and magical creatures!


Meet a grumpy goblin who thinks unicorns are the worst, especially when all he wants to do is be invited to hang with said unicorns. When a different creature enters the scene the goblin realizes that maybe unicorns aren’t that bad.


You Had Me at Hola, by Alexis Daria 
for the happily-ever-after lover looking for diverse romance


When Jasmine Rodriguez is able to secure the role of leading lady in a new rom-com coming out she is thrilled to get distance herself from tabloid fodder thanks to her break-up. Enter Ashton Suarez, a gorgeous telenovela actor who is terrified his career is dead, as the leading male in the rom-com. A disastrous first meeting has both Jasmine and Ashton regretting their decision to join the movie BUT like always late night readings begin to make them re-think how they feel about (not to mention the super hot chemistry)…perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory!


The Roommate, by Rosie Danan
for the romance reader looking for a good escape


When Clara Wheaton upends her picture perfect WASPy life on the east coast to follow the love of her life she shocks everyone, herself included. When the love of her life leaves her to hit the road for his band, hours after she has landed in LA, Clara decides to tuck tail and run home. Her new, gorgeous, perceptive roommate, Josh, convinces Clara to stay and figure out who she is without anyone telling her what to do. As it happens, Clara and Josh spend lots of time together that leads to longing glances and extreme sexual tension….one of the best romance books I have read that focuses on partner pleasure and female sexuality!


You can purchase any or all of these books for anyone on your list by clicking on their titles above. Remember, we’ll deliver to you on Wednesday or Saturday!

Happy reading!

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