New Year, Same Pandemic

Hello readers!

Happy New Year! Since it’s 2021, I thought I’d change up the titles of these “Coronavirus Updates”–this would be the tenth one. The tenth time we’re changing our policies, our hours, the way we can get books to you–the tenth time we are reinventing ourselves but, hopefully, remaining your very favorite bookstore.

This time, it’s good news! Larimer County is headed back to Orange Levels of pandemicness, and we are tentatively taking that as a good sign. Starting Friday, January 8th, we’ll be Back to Browsing, once again! We’re keeping the same hours, the same system, the same precautions–they’ve worked so far, so we’ll stick with them until everyone is vaccinated and good to go! If you need a refresher, here are the rules:

We’ll be open to limited browsing from 10am to 2pm on weekdays and from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Only 5 browsers will be allowed in at a time, and we ask that you wear your masks (over your noses, too!) and sanitize your hands before entering the store. We ask that you limit your browse time to about 20-30 minutes so we can allow more of your fellow shoppers inside. We are not accepting cash.

Curbside pickup is still on for the usual hours: 10-2 weekdays, 10-4 weekends. If you’ve got a book waiting for you, you are welcome to stop by anytime during the pick up window and we’ll bring your books to your car.

Home delivery will resume today, 1/2. El will be back on the road after the holidays, delivering books between 5pm and 9pm (and resuming the Wednesday/Saturday schedule from there). If you have any questions about home delivery, we refer you to El’s marvelous FAQ post here, which has the map for the delivery area, too.

Shipping via USPS is still the safest way for us to get books to you! You can order online and we’ll mail the books right to you. And as always, you can help us out by buying on (an affiliate site where you can order books and we’ll get a share of the profits), (our audiobook partner), or by purchasing gift cards online.

This is, of course, subject to change at the drop of a hat in the ever-changing world of pandemic. Health concerns are still high, and will be for quite some time until the vaccine is more widely distributed and available. We are looking forward to the day that things can go back to normal, but we know it’s a long way off. For now, we’ll just have to stick with Pandemic Normal. Thank you for sticking with us through yet another change (even if this is a good one!) and for supporting us all through 2020 and now into 2021. Here’s hoping it’s a much better year!

We’re excited to see half of your smiling faces (the part above the masks!) back among the stacks, browsing for books. We’ll see you on Monday!

–the Staff at OFB

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