Revati’s Top Ten of 2020

Hello readers!

We know we’ve all moved on from 2020, and none of us really want to revisit it. But 2020 was a really, really good year for books. We know that our staff picks are some of the most beloved shelves in our store. And since many of you are still staying home, and browsing is limited, we figured we would bring our staff shelves to you once again, in the now-annual Top Ten Reads of Last Year posts that we know many of you look forward to.

Revati’s list has something for every age, from picture books for the kiddos, to brilliant, diverse teen fantasy, from the home cooks who want to try new recipes to those looking for a little humor to liven up their TBR pile.

Revati’s Top 2020 Books

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Legendborn, by Tracy Deonn
I loved this! It is a great new take in teen fantasy that mixes root magic and Arthurian legend to create an exciting world. I can’t wait for more people to read this so I can talk about some of the more ‘interesting’ characters.

This is What Unbreakable Looks Like, by Kate McLaughlin
Once in a while, there is a teen book that requires the protagonist to overcome troubles unfathomable to me and most others. This book follows Lex after she is rescued from being trafficked. I loved that it showed her struggles without being unnecessarily voyeuristic. Lex definitely shows what strength looks like and the importance of people who support you along the way.

Little Miss Little Compton, by Arden Myrin
Written by the host of the only podcast about grief and The Bachelor, this delightful memoir gave me much needed laughter. Arden’s collection of stories from her unusual little town and quirky life (especially her parents) was a great read when I needed a break from…everything.

The Only Good Indians, by Stephen Graham Jones
Creepy, creepy horror! This genre is usually not my cup of tea, but the eeriness is too beautiful in this book. Jones does an excellent job of bringing an old belief to the present day.

The best coffee table book ever!!! Fans of “Nailed It” will already be familiar with Nicole’s humor and now can enjoy her fabulousness like I do. Filled with colorful pictures and some helpful advice, I love paging through this any chance I get.

Transcendent Kingdom, by Yaa Gyasi
This beautiful book didn’t get the attention deserved when it came out, but I think book clubs will discover it soon. I loved Gyasi’s first book and it was interesting to read a more conventionally structured novel by her.

In the Dream House, by Carmen Maria Machado
The paperback came out this year, so I must once again say, this is an amazing book. A memoir written like art in a way I’ve never read before. Please read this.

Home Style Cookery, by Matty Matheson
I (along with most of us) have increased our cooking this year and this one was especially great to have over Thanksgiving. I made the stuffed butternut squash with an easy, delicious gravy which was thoroughly enjoyed. I will add that Matty is a great believer in butter so you might have to decrease that by a stick or two!

Definitely Do Not Open This Book, by Andy Lee
“The Monster at the End of This Book” was one of my favorites as a kid and this book has the same type of fun. It is a great read and kids will love interacting with the “monster”.

The Couch Potato, by John Jory
The fact that I’m writing this from my couch, is further proof that I can relate to this book. I’ve always loved Jory’s books for their humor but this one is especially timely.

Remember, you can purchase any or all of these amazing books online by clicking on their titles above. And you can check out 2019’s and 2018’s Staff Top Ten lists here.

Happy reading!

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