February Events Recap!

Hello readers!

We had some spectacular virtual events in February, and if you missed any of them, here’s your catch-up playlist!

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 2.50.39 PM

Samantha Shannon and Helen Corcoran:
Technically this one was in January, but we can’t resist boosting this fantastic event we had for Samantha Shannon’s latest book, The Mask Falling. After she so kindly joined us for two separate events last year, we finally got to celebrate Samantha’s book! And it was awesome!

Anastasia Higginbotham:
The fabulous and fun Anastasia Higginbotham read her newest book, What You Don’t Know, in a story time that was moving and beautiful. Queer and unapologetic, this book is a perfect learning tool for how we should accept kids and the identities they choose and become for them found family, instead of judgement. Anastasia gave us a behind-the-scenes look at her paper-bag collages and the way this book came together!

Rochelle Riley:
We celebrated Black History Month in style with Rochelle Riley! Author and Director of Arts and Culture for the city of Detroit, Rochelle gave us an unforgettable peek into the makings of her book, That They Lived–part portrait gallery, part history lesson, all awesome. Rochelle’s intense research into the turning points in the young lives of famous Black world-changers yields a stunning resource for kids of all races and ages–and adults, too!

Ann Napolitano, Julie Barer, and Whitney Frick:
We got a fantastic behind-the-scenes tour of how books are made with Ann Napolitano, her literary agent, and her editor! They took us through the creation of Dear Edward, from research and writing to submission and editing. Writers of the world, take the time to watch this one! It’s a really cool peek into how the book industry works!

Rick Mcintyre, Jessica Kole, and Shelley Coldiron of the WOLF Sanctuary:
Acclaimed Yellowstone wolf researcher and author Rick McIntyre joined us and two of the members of the Fort Collins W.O.L.F. Sanctuary to talk about The Reign of Wolf 21! In this compelling follow-up to the national bestseller The Rise of Wolf 8, Rick McIntyre profiles one of Yellowstone’s most revered alpha males, Wolf 21. Leader of the Druid Peak Pack, Wolf 21 was known for his unwavering bravery, his unusual benevolence, and his fierce commitment to his mate, the formidable Wolf 42. The discussion was lively and insightful, definitely not to be missed by animal-lovers of all kinds!

Jacquelyn Middleton:
Last but not least, we celebrated romance novels with Canadian author Jacquelyn Middleton! Jackie gave us insights into how her love of London, her passion for music, and her own struggles with mental health influence her novels, especially her newest one, Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye! We had tons of fun talking about our favorite romance tropes and our love of the genre that gets knocked the most. Also, Jackie’s dog, Charlie, makes an adorable appearance!

You can watch any or all of these virtual events by clicking on their titles above, or by going to our Facebook Videos page, where they live along with all of our previous virtual events. And don’t forget to check out our calendar of Upcoming Events–we’ve got a bunch of amazing ones in March, including a double header of YA Fantasy authors tonight and tomorrow (3/1 and 3/2), and a socially-distanced in-person book signing with our very own Julie Rowan-Zoch to celebrate her author/illustrator debut!

We hope you enjoy these past events and we look forward to seeing you at any or all of the upcoming ones!

Happy reading!

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