May Staff Picks: Kids and Teen!

Hello readers!

Since we know how much you all love staff picks, we have decided to feature our monthly picks in a more accessible way for those of you shopping from home! You might remember this display from the very front of the store, the shelves greeting you as you walk in the door–but if you’re staying safe and home and missing the monthly favorite book recommendations from the staff, here we are! Bringing them to you!

Nicole’s Pick: Aetherbound, by E.K. Johnston
EK Johnston is very good at what she does, and what she does is write soft books with iron backbones of strength, populate them with impossibly wonderful characters who are similarly made up of softness and strength, and fill in the gaps with cleverness and hope. From the unquestioned queer rep to the fascinating magic, from the deep digs into abuse and the value of human life to the importance laid on choosing your family, this book touched on all my favorite things.(Don’t forget to come to our event with Kate and Ashley Eckstein on May 24th!)

Revati’s Pick: Please Don’t Eat Me, by Liz Climo
A book with an adorable bunny as one of the main stars!?!….how can you resist? Sometimes it’s hard to make friends as the bunny and bear in this book show us. Liz Climo again does an excellent job with her story and illustrations that will appeal to people of all ages.

Danny’s Pick: Lobstah Gahden, by Alli Brydon and EG Keller
A stylized, beautifully-illustrated, and Boston-accented look at pollution and personal responsibility. Would-be-readers be warned: may result in use of the phrase “chowdah head” in mixed company.

Allison’s Pick: The Ones We’re Meant to Find, by Joan He
I get easily annoyed by both dystopian fiction and cli-fi nowadays, but this is BOTH and somehow fresh as hell. Heartbreakingly beautiful sister story at its heart – the dual narrative is from both of their POVs. Wonderfully written and a standalone, huzzah! Probably a great rec for folks who still bring up Hunger Games.

Logan’s Pick: The Lost Soul, by Olga Tokarczuk
Tokarczuk is one of my favorite living authors at the moment! Only sort of a kid’s book, it’s more like one of Olga’s fable-esque vignettes accompanied by Joanna Concejo’s stunning artwork.

Elliot’s Pick: Dancing at the Pity Party, by Tyler Feder
Tyler Feder’s heartfelt memoir about the loss of her mother is simultaneously deeply personal and universal. If you’ve lost someone, especially a parent, or you want to empathize better with someone who has this book will carry you through the journey – from before her mom is diagnosed to ten years later, from the big things to the little things. As a card carrying member of the Dead Moms Club I endorse this book.

Teresa’s Pick: Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol: The Haunted House Next Door, by Andres Miedoso
When Andres moves into a new town he doesn’t expect his new house to be haunted by a ghost! With the help of his new friend, Desmond, they are going to figure out how to get rid of the ghost (and maybe become best friends in the process). My 6yo is in love with book….great for emerging readers!!

Tara’s Pick: Monday’s Not Coming, by Tiffany D. Jackson
A teen thriller that follows an 8th grader, Claudia, who is distraught when her best friend, Monday, disappears one day, however no one else in town seems to care. It’s up to Claudia to figure out what happened to Monday, and why no one is talking about it.

Kelvin’s Pick: The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, by Daniel Manus Pinkwater
Arthur is sent on a turkey-retrieving mission. Things get a little fowled up (sorry).

Julie’s Pick: 13 Ways to Eat a Fly, by Sue Heavenrich
Disgust and laughter in the first paragraph – perfect for kids! This book couples fun with learning, solid facts with crazy-good humor – and many other levels of practical knowledge. And the illustrations are hilarious! Would recommend for K-4.

Remember, all of these books are available online by clicking their titles above! Curbside pick up and home delivery are both available!
Happy reading!

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