June Staff Picks: Kids and Teen!

Hello readers!

Since we know how much you all love staff picks, we have decided to feature our monthly picks in a more accessible way for those of you shopping from home! You might remember this display from the very front of the store, the shelves greeting you as you walk in the door–but if you’re staying safe and home and missing the monthly favorite book recommendations from the staff, here we are! Bringing them to you!

Teresa’s Pick: Tale of the Shadow King, by Daniel Haack
When the Prince and the Knight’s kingdom is threatened by the shadows they set off to stop the Shadow King. Haack’s latest book is a  lovely inclusive story that proves love is love (don’t forget the gorgeous illustrations)!

Danny’s Pick: Llama Unleashes the Alpacalypse, by Jonathan Stutzman
This picture book shows what happens when cleaning and creativity goes too far! This quirky llama loves pizza as much as he hates tidying up—see what happens when the two collide. Uniquely silly and dazzlingly illustrated, this sequel to Llama Destroys the World is a perfect pick for young readers!

Elliot’s Pick: GayBCs, by ML Webb
A happy and inclusive board book to start your child off with some basic vocabulary at an early age. Filled with vibrant color and joyful imagery this book is as fun as it is informative.

Nicole’s Pick: Reckless: The Petrified Flesh, by Cornelia Funke
Dark and gorgeous, this fairy tale world is not for the faint of heart. It’s not a kind world, and Jakob is not a kind person–but he is willing to give up everything to save his cursed brother. Funke has created one of my favorite characters ever with Jakob, who throws himself into all situations with reckless abandon, and who always forgets to guard his kind heart. This is one of my favorite books of all time, and I am so glad they’ve reprinted it.

Revati’s Pick: Nerdycorn, by Andrew Root
Fern may become your new favorite unicorn even though she isn’t into all the typical unicorn stuff. She loves inventing, math and all things science. The other unicorns make fun and don’t always understand her but maybe Fern can make them see being herself is cool too!

Julie’s Pick: The King’s Golden Beard, by Klaas Verplancke
The very strong, graphic compositions, and I love a good cautionary tale! And perhaps because of all the hair I’ve had to deal with as a mother of two who’ve always preferred long hair! I also admire the masterful use of a limited palette and simple but effective use of texture in the art. The story itself is a well-told and humorous tale of too much pride – great for discussions too! —Read more of Julie’s review here!

Susie’s Pick: Have You Seen Luis Velez?, by Catherine Ryan Hyde
A coming of age story with lots of feel good moments. All teens feel misunderstood and ignored except when adults want said teen to do something. But Raymond really is a good kid, and he notices when a very elderly neighbor seems even more alone and isolated than him. He steps in and becomes engaged in the real mystery of why Luis Velez disappeared. Excellent story.

Kelvin’s Pick: The Day The Crayons Came Home, by Drew Daywalt
I couldn’t entirely blame the crayons for quitting; they made a pretty strong case. I can’t wait to see what has brought them back.

Tara’s Pick: Someone Farted, by Bruce Eric Kaplan
A family on a road trip is pushed to their limits when someone passes gas in the car and won’t admit it was them. Hilarity ensues as the family tries to identify the culprit. Sure to make your little ones (and big ones) laugh!

Logan’s Pick: Tales of East Africa, illustrations by Jamilla Okubo
A collection of traditional folktales from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania accompanied by the incredible contemporary artwork of mixed media artist Jamilla Okubo.

Remember, all of these books are available online by clicking their titles above! Curbside pick up and home delivery are both available!
Happy reading!

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