May Events Recap!

Hello readers!

Better late than never! We might be a month late with our May Events Recap, but the fun thing about our virtual events is that they’re still around! And you can still watch them, even a month later! We had some amazing authors join us in May, so check out the videos below!

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Julie Pelaez of the Conscious Cleanse

We made smoothies with Julie Paleaz, one half of the Conscious Cleanse (the other half is Jo Schaalman), to celebrate the release of the Conscious Cleanse Cookbook! We talked about the idea behind the Conscious Cleanse, how Jo and Jules decided to write a book, and what recipes Jules wish had made it into the cookbook (can anyone say sequel? Fingers crossed!). Then we followed along as Jules taught us how to make the perfect smoothie–the recipe is in the video description!

Michaela Carter and Whitney Scharer

We celebrated Leonora in the Morning Light, the latest book by Michaela Carter, with a conversation about art, artists, and how she writes about them. She was joined by Whitney Scharer (Age of Light), who also writes fiction about artists, and the two authors geeked out about the Surrealists and the lesser-known women of the movement. After some technical difficulties, we had a fabulous time that you won’t want to miss!

Amy Rivers and Elva K. Osterreich

Local author, friend of the store, and Northern Colorado Writers’ Conference president/organizer/in-charge person, Amy Rivers joined us to talk about her newest book, Complicit! Since it’s set in New Mexico, Amy’s home state, she asked her friend and fellow author, Elva K. Osterreich (The Manhattan Project Trinity Test) to be part of the chat! They talked New Mexico as a setting, as a character in their books, and how their love of the state has influenced their writing.

Hillary Allen and Dean Karnazes

While Hilary might not be in FoCo anymore, she is a FoCo native, and so we celebrated her memoir/running book, Out and Back, in style! Joining her was ultramarathoning legend Dean Karnazes, and so we celebrated two books at once! A Runner’s HighDean’s latest book about his running adventures, paired well with Hillary’s memoir of her catastrophic injury and the process of healing–and getting right back to running with all her heart! It was a fun and fast-paced conversation, and if you are even remotely interested in running–or great stories of perseverance–then this event is for you!

Gregory SETH Harris and Rosemerry Trommer

Better known as the poet SETH, Gregory Harris celebrated his prose novel, The Perfect Stranger in an event full of hilarity, deep insights into humanity, and sneak-peek readings from the book. He was interviewed by poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, who led us deep into The Perfect Stranger with insightful questions about not only the characters and the plot, but also the poetry of the prose.

Eric Maikranz and Bill Hahn

Author Eric Maikranz wrote a book called The Reincarnationist Papers…and Mark Wahlberg made it into a movie! If you’ve seen Infinite then you won’t want to miss this discussion of the source material between the author himself and friend and actor Bill Hahn. They chatted about where the book came from, the journey it had from Little Manuscript That Could to the big, silver screen, and (of course) what it was like meeting Mark Wahlberg!

Martin J. Smith on Going to Trinidad

Journalist and author Martin J. Smith joined us to present his latest book, Going to Trinidad, a story of a nearly forgotten chapter in gender and medical history: surgeons Stanley Biber and his transgender protege Marci Bowers and the compassionate, gender-affirming practice they headed in Trinidad, Colorado around the turn of the millennium.

Ashaye Brown Debuts Dream Country

Joining us all the way from London, author Ashaye Brown debuted her YA fantasy novel, Dream Country! Our marketing manager Nicole interviewed her, digging into the book’s characters, sibling rivalry, and the journey the book had from dream to reality. We managed to not talk spoilers and still get into the meat of the book and the gorgeous characters–and that cliffhanger ending!

E.K. Johnston and Ashley Eckstein

EK Johnston is a friend of the store, so of course we planned a launch party for her latest book, Aetherbound! After running a successful pre-order campaign (108! preorders!!), we chatted with Kate and her friend, Ashley Eckstein–the voice of Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano, Her Universe trendsetter, and reader of the Aetherbound audiobook! It was an incredibly fun night, full of laughter and much mutual appreciation, as well as talking about the book, the characters, the trans representation and how hard Kate worked to make it good, and the difficulties of recording an audiobook from home. If you like sci-fi, don’t skip this one!

Di Lebowitz and Angela Mi Young Hur

Last but not least, we had another fabulous international event! Debut author Di Lebowitz from England was joined by Angela Mi Young Hur, who lives in Sweden, to talk about the conversation their books, The Marks Left on Her and Folklornseem to have: about family, legacy, abuse, and being Asian in places where it is difficult to be Asian. This is a deep and fascinating conversation not just about the books and the characters in them, but also about stereotyping and racism and how to overcome them.

You can watch any or all of these virtual events by clicking on their titles above, or by going to our Facebook Videos page, where they live along with all of our previous virtual events. You can purchase the books at the links in the video descriptions, or by clicking on their titles here. And don’t forget to check out our calendar of Upcoming Events–we’ve got a few coming up in July we can’t wait for!

We hope you enjoy these past events and we look forward to seeing you at any or all of the upcoming ones!

Happy reading!

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