What We’re Reading

Hello readers!

I’m back in the store, so I once again get to ambush my coworkers and ask them what they are currently reading. Which means I can start up What We’re Reading once again!

Elliot: The Outside, by Ada Hoffmann

An intriguing blend of space opera and cosmic horror, complete with a diverse cast, AI gods, and unique worldbuilding. Perfect for fans of Jeff Vandermeer, Arkady Martine, Adrian Tchaikovsky, or folks just generally interested in reading an updated Lovecraft in space.

Kelvin: How to Be Less Stupid about Race, by Crystal Marie Fleming


Fleming does not care about offending anyone, or everyone, and it’s great. Even Barack Obama, Fleming says, has a lot to answer for in terms of fostering racial stupidity. Engaging and challenging for all readers, Fleming critiques both sides of the racial divide and the philosophies driving them.

Nicole: Questland, by Carrie Vaughn


This book is full of so much YES. My gamer heart is full and my fantasy-nerd soul is nourished. I related to Addie probably a little more than I should, but listen, I TOO WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE UNICORNS. Anyway, this book is bizarre and brilliant and makes me yearn for Ren Faire and a Lord of the Rings marathon, in the best ways.

Teresa: Happy Endings, by Thien-Kim Lam


Trixie is trying to make her sex-toy shop dream come true so that she can prove to her parents that she doesn’t need to go to college. When she runs into her ex at a restaurant he manages, they agree to help each other make their businesses successful–and of course, they end up falling in love! It’s funny, not afraid to talk about women’s sexuality, and it has a happy ending! 

Danny: Site Fidelity, by Claire Boyles


Tremendous! Having lived in the mountain west for four years, not since James Galvin’s The Meadow have I found such an incisive and moving examination of place. Boyles’ writing constellates family, ecology, and desire for a series of wholly unique and utterly western stories. Be sure to watch our virtual event with Claire on Tuesday, July 20th at 6pm on Facebook Live! 


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