July Staff Picks: Kids and Teen!

Hello readers!

Since we know how much you all love staff picks, we have decided to feature our monthly picks in a more accessible way for those of you shopping from home! You might remember this display from the very front of the store, the shelves greeting you as you walk in the door–but if you’re staying safe and home and missing the monthly favorite book recommendations from the staff, here we are! Bringing them to you!

Nicole’s Pick: Thornlight, by Claire Legrand

A beautiful and wild adventure though a magic-starved land; a quest to save a kingdom and a whole population of witches; a story about sisters, learning themselves and each other, stepping out of their shadows and growing up. This book is lovely and has the classic vibe of an old adventure story from when I was a kid–talking unicorn and all!

Revati’s Pick: ABC Cats, by Leslea Newman
Learn to count with cats! This adorable board book is great for kids and anyone that loves cats. The beautiful illustrations of each unique cat capture their mischievousness is a way I love.

Julie’s Pick: The Froggies Do Not Want to Sleep, by Adam Gustavson
I have been missing “silly” in my life in the last year and a half, and I am certain “other kids” have too!! The compositions and rendering are marvelous, the physicality of the humor so delightful, and those froggy eyes! So while the story line may not offer something particularly new in bedtime-ruckus books, there is more than enough here to bring smiles and giggles to all readers!

Allison’s Pick: Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan, by Gaku Kuze
Continuing my manga evangelizing to amp up our newly bigger section!! Uramichi is a depressed 31 year-old former gymnast who works on a children’s program (think The Wiggles + Bear in the Big Blue House) and regrets every aspect of his life. Deeply funny and also really sad???

Teresa’s Pick: Gravity Falls: Tales of the Strange and Unexplained 
If you haven’t already experienced GRAVITY FALLS you need to get on that! My 6yo (husband and I) LOVE the show and this book just adds to the fun of the show. It dives into each episode but through the eyes of Grunkle Stan. Kids and adults alike will love this book!

Tara’s Pick: Last Kids on Earth, by Max Brallier
Our assistant 6 year old bookseller Winslow is excited for this because of the zombies. And if Winslow says it’s cool, then it’s probably cool.

Danny’s Pick: If I Had an Octopus, by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow
Camouflage, ink, and arms arms arms! Seekers of superior pets look no further: octopuses are the best. If I Had an Octopus is beautifully illustrated and dynamically written, sure to make you pine for an eight-legged friend!

Elliot’s Pick: Starboy, by Jami Gigot
Featuring bright and colorful art this picture book is an homage to the late great David Bowie. All about embracing creativity, free spirit, and music this is the perfect choice for any little ones that march to the beat of their own drum.

Kelvin’s Pick: Explosion at the Poem Factory, by Kyle Lukoff and Mark Hoffman
A catastrophe of potentially catastrophic proportions threatens poetry production, reminding everyone what real poetry is and where it comes from.

Logan’s Pick: How Can I Wait When There’s A Treat On My Plate, by Dan Graham
It’s hard for some kids to wait for something that they really want! A marshmallow now or ice cream later? In this lively, rhyming picture book, twins Dell and Pete face a series of humorous choices that test their ability to stay strong in the face of temptation.


Susie’s Pick: The One and Only Bob, by Katherine Applegate
Because there was still stories to tell after The One and Only Ivan. And I loved reading this story.

Remember, all of these books are available online by clicking their titles above! Curbside pick up and home delivery are both available!
Happy reading!

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