July Events Recap!

Hello readers!

Here’s the playlist of our July virtual events! You can watch these videos whenever you’d like and it will be just like you were there, at the event live! We had some fabulous events in July, from Science Fiction to art forgery, so check them out here!

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 12.59.30 PM

Joanne Goldblum and Colleen Shaddox
These two authors and activists talked about their book, Broke in America, and the policies currently in place that are causing the nation’s poverty problem. We talked about the stories Joanne and Colleen collected from all over the United States, and the action items they suggest that will help change the way the world works. Intense but interesting and full of hope, this discussion (and the book it’s about) are important and we hope you’ll give it a watch.

Puja Guha and Reed Farrel Coleman
Mystery and thriller readers, this one’s for you! Reed Farrell Coleman interviewed Colorado-author Puja Guha about her new book, Sirens of Memory. We chatted about Puja’s lifelong world travels, her time in the cities that inspired the story of Sirens, and her background in international affairs. A peek into who Puja is as a person that serves as a great introduction for what to expect from her in her writing!

Claire Boyles and Meghan Pipe
Local author CSU alum Claire Boyles joined us to celebrate her short story collection, Site Fidelity! She was interviewed by fellow CSU alum Meghan Pipe, who asked insightful questions about poetry, writing, and the theme of place in between readings from Claire. They gave us a taste of what we’ll find in Site Fidelity and it is not to be missed!

Clay G. Small
A former corporate lawyer and world traveller, professor Clay G. Small presented his book, The Forger’s Forgery! The presentation focused on the wild and fascinating world of art forgery, some of the more famous forgers and their crimes, and how these influenced the book. An educational experience for anyone interested in art forging and a great peek into what you can find in the intricate and delightful book, you won’t want to miss this discussion!

Lisa Napoli and Erin O’Toole
Lisa Napoli joined us from the other side of the country to talk about her book, Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie, about the founding mothers of NPR! She was interviewed by Erin O’Toole of our very own KUNC, and the two chatted about women in the radio industry, swapped stories about these famous ladies who made NPR what it is today, and the process of writing about such legendary figures. For anyone who has listened to NPR in the last few decades, you will not want to miss this!

the Summer Sci-fi Panel
We celebrated the release of Colorado-author K.B. Wager’s newest Neo-G book, Hold Fast Through the Fire, by getting together with them and several of their best scifi-writing buds to talk all things space! Katy was joined by Mike Chen (We Could Be Heroes), Valerie Valdes (Prime Deceptions), and Jackson Ford (Eye of the Sh*t Storm). We talked about representation in sci-fi, the way imagined futures reflect the real present, and Bioware video games (mostly Mass Effect, but we did drag Mike for not liking Dragon Age!). It was a laughter-filled fun time and the perfect bit of escape.

You can watch any or all of these virtual events by clicking on their titles above, or by going to our Facebook Videos page, where they live along with all of our previous virtual events. You can purchase any of the books through the links in the video descriptions or by clicking on their titles here. And don’t forget to check out our calendar of Upcoming Events for what’s next, live at the Firehouse!

We hope you enjoy these past events and we look forward to seeing you at any or all of the upcoming ones!

Happy reading!

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