September Staff Picks: Kids and Teen!

Hello readers!

Since we know how much you all love staff picks, we have decided to feature our monthly picks in a more accessible way for those of you shopping from home! You might remember this display from the very front of the store, the shelves greeting you as you walk in the door–but if you’re staying safe and home and missing the monthly favorite book recommendations from the staff, here we are! Bringing them to you!

Julie’s Pick: Not Little, by Maya Myers and Hyewon Yum
Dot is the smallest in her family and her pre-school class until Sam arrives. But she is not little! While she reveals her hope that just maybe she is a tiny bit taller than Sam, an encounter with a bully in the cafeteria reveals the truth. A beautifully rendered, just-right story demonstrating the size of a person does not determine the magnitude of their heart – or how fierce a person can be when necessity arises!

Teresa’s Pick: Tag Team, by Raul the Third
A cute story about the power of friendship and how working together always makes things better. The artwork is bright and fun and some Spanish throughout the story makes this book great to read aloud!

Allison’s Pick: Skip and Loafer volume 1, by Misaki Takamatsu
First of a very charming slice-of-life school series. Revolves around a high school girl moving from the country to Tokyo and learning to make friends and make space for herself in the big city. Really well-written and translated. First time I’ve seen “himbo” used in translation in manga (SCREAM). Also, the aunt she goes to live with is trans and it’s just very casually and warmly handled.

Nicole’s Pick: Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn, by Shannon Hale
Small-Nicole, who was obsessed with unicorns and cats, would have absolutely adored this book. Present-Nicole, who is slightly less obsessed but nevertheless charmed, also adored this book. It’s a very adorable and silly book about being yourself, whoever that may be, and not letting anyone else tell you you can’t be whatever you want. I’m biased; I love Shannon Hale. But this one is too cute to pass up. 

Zane’s Pick: Sulwe, by Lupita Nyong’o
This book is gorgeous, both to look at and to read. It a great story about acceptance and beauty, and if you haven’t put your eyes on it yet, you better go ahead and do that (please).

Revati’s Pick: The Mysterious! Sea Bunny, by Peter Raymundo
Did you know there are bunnies that live in the sea? Or that slugs were cute? No? Then read this book!

Andrea’s Pick: XOXO, by Axie Oh
Jenny Go is a cello prodigy with a dream to get into a prestigious music conservatory. When she meets Jaewoo for a brief moment in a Los Angeles Karaoke bar, she doesn’t think anything of him. It isn’t until she moves to South Korea to help take care of her grandmother does she realize he wasn’t just an ordinary boy- but an incredibly famous K-pop star. XOXO is a great book for fans of meet-cute romance and K-Pop. The drama and the wonderful character personalities make this book an easy read!

Elliot’s Pick: Outside In, by Deborah Underwood and Cindy Derby
This is gorgeous, both in illustrations and sentiment.

Remember, all of these books are available online by clicking their titles above! Curbside pick up and home delivery are both available!

Happy reading!

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